Queens Galley Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry in Kingston NY Ulster County
Our Soup Kitchen has been temporarily suspended, but all of our other programs are fully operational.
Volunteers are still needed to help move equipment and for our other other programs. Please email us for info.

Can I make a donation to pay for my meal?
Donations are accepted and volunteers are certainly encouraged but never required.  If you do wish to make a donation we ask that you follow the directions on our Donate Money page so we can provide you with a reciept.  We ask that cash donations not be made to the kitchen staff. Our chefs and volunteers are busy preparing and serving meals and we do not want to burden them with paper work.
Is there ever a fee or charge for the meals?
There is never a fee for a meal at the Queens Galley soup kitchen.  Our meals may be restaraunt quality prepared by talented chefs in the Hudson Valley (and sometimes visiting chefs from much further away), but there is never a bill at the end of the meal!
Do I need an ID or proof of income to eat in the soup kitchen?
No.  No proof of poverty is required.  Anyone is welcome.  Because we are funded by donation and not government grants we do not have to ask someone if they are poor enough to be given a meal.  The purpose of the Queens Galley soup kitchen is to assist anyone struggling with issues of food insecurity.  This includes working families with children who have difficulty paying for housing, healthcare and childcare and trying to put healthy food on the table for the family.
What hours is the soup kitchen open?
Breakfast is served 8:00am-9:00am, Lunch is served noon - 1:00pm, Dinner is served 5:00pm-6:00pm
Is Queens Galley a soup kitchen or food pantry?
Both! The Queens Galley operates a soup kitchen open to the public at 254 Washington Ave Kingston NY.  The Queens Galley soup kitchen serves 3 meals a day each and every day.   We also provide hands-on workshops that teach families how to prepare economical, tasteful and healthy meals together. We show people who are on restricted diets how to incorporate new culinary skills and flavors into their food preparation repertoire and encourage everyone to take some time to experiment with healthy food choices. Rather than give food to people we show them what to do to make the food they have get the biggest nutritional and flavor impact for their dollar.
Who teaches the workshops?
The Queens Galley workshops are taught by Culinary professionals from the community.  Local restaurant owners, farmers, foodservice professionals and guest chefs all lend a hand.
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